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A selection of recent events, news, and awards, featuring current and former BCBI faculty, postdocs, and students.

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BCBI Student presents at 2023 Summer Research Symposium

2023 Summer Research Symposium

"Characterizing Pediatric Anxiety and Depression in the All of Us Research Program" Anusha Srinivasan; Faculty Mentor: Elizabeth Chen

Each year, Brown University showcases the research of its undergraduates at the Summer Research Symposium. More than half of the student-researchers are UTRA recipients, while others receive funding from a variety of Brown-administered and national programs and fellowships and go on to present their work at national and international meetings. Presenters include Brown students as well as students from other institutions who are conducting summer research and working with a faculty advisor at Brown.

Learn more about the research that the students were engaged in by viewing the posters from the 2023 Summer Research Symposium held August 3-4, 2023
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Recent Publications

A selection of recent publications, by current and former BCBI faculty, postdocs, and students.