The Brown Center for Biomedical Informatics (BCBI) was founded in July 2015 to lead the development and application of informatics approaches in biomedicine and health care. The three-fold mission of BCBI is to: (1) Innovate how electronic biomedical and health data are used, (2) Implement solutions for improving biomedical research and healthcare delivery, and (3) Inspire the next generation of biomedical researchers and clinicians in partnership with collaborators in existing areas of excellence at Brown, its hospital affiliates, and statewide healthcare organizations.


Maintainers: Ashley Lee

Mines healthcare data for association rules and sequential patterns

Sampling-based methods for correcting for class imbalance in two-category classification problems.

Maintainers: Dilum Aluthge

Uniform interface for machine learning in Julia

Julia package for the de-identification of data sets

Maintainers: Dilum Aluthge

Remove potentially sensitive data from trained machine learning models

Maintainers: Dilum Aluthge

Abstract multiple inheritance in Julia via extensible type unions

Maintainers: Ian Bacher

An OpenMRS module for the BCBI Training environment using data from MIMIC-III

Web Applications

Maintainers: Isabel Restrepo

Web resource for extraction and normalization of plant names.

open web application 
Maintainers: Fernando Gelin

Web tool to zoom in and out branches of a large phylogenetic tree.

open web application