Division of Biology and Medicine
Brown Center for Biomedical Informatics


BCBI provides informatics leadership and operational support for local, national, and international programs.

BCBI Service


Since 2016, BCBI has provided leadership and operational support for the Biomedical Informatics, Bioinformatics, and Cyberinfrastructure Enhancement (BIBCE) Core of Advance-CTR, a statewide partnership based at Brown University that provides research funding, support, and resources to clinical and translational researchers in Rhode Island. In addition to service consultations, the Core has established needed informatics infrastructure and supports short- and long-term projects with investigators. A signature effort is the Unified Research data Sharing and Access (URSA) Initiative for making electronic health data accessible and usable for research purposes by the research community across Rhode Island.


Legorretta Cancer Center

The Legorreta Cancer CenterĀ is building world-class cancer research programs that bring basic science discoveries about cancer, interdisciplinary clinical, translational, and population research to innovative therapeutic, disease intervention and cancer prevention clinical trials to patients in the State of Rhode Island. BCBI is part of the leadership for the Population Science Group.

Population Science Group


Managing COVID-19 requires accurate up to date data on new cases, contact tracing, and case management. Health information systems such as OpenMRS are needed to capture data in community and health facility settings and to report data to public health authorities and contact tracing teams. BCBI has been involved with enhancing and using OpenMRS for management of COVID-19 in Haiti, Nepal, and Kenya.