Division of Biology and Medicine
Brown Center for Biomedical Informatics

Clinical Informatics Innovation & Implementation Lab

Leveraging Electronic Health Record (EHR) technology and data to improve healthcare delivery and biomedical discovery.


The overall goal of the Clinical Informatics Innovation and Implementation (CI3) Lab is to provide expertise in leveraging Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and data to improve healthcare delivery and biomedical discovery. The three-fold mission is to: (1) innovate use of the EHR for primary (e.g., patient care) and secondary (e.g., research, quality, and public health) purposes, (2) implement digital solutions within operational clinical and research systems, and (3) inspire the next generation of clinical informaticians. Current areas of research are focused on applying informatics approaches for improving mental health (mental health informatics) and child health (pediatric informatics).

PI: Liz Chen

Lab Members

  • Meylakh Barshay

  • Zaim Haq

  • Zandra Ho

  • Rishi Jain

  • Wyatt Kim

  • Carolyn Lai

  • Chris Ma

  • Lindsey Ross

  • Anusha Srinivasan

  • Jilliana Zarzycki

  • Suraj Zaveri

Research Focus

  • Collection and Analysis of Social, Behavioral & Familial Factors
  • Identification and Prediction of Mental Health Conditions
  • Development of Informatics Tools to Support Pediatric Psychiatry Programs
  • Characterization of the Use and Quality of Documentation in the EHR
  • Integration and Adaptation Information Resources for Pediatric Health