Division of Biology and Medicine
Brown Center for Biomedical Informatics

Biomedical Artificial Intelligence Lab

Machine Learning, natural language processing, and information retrieval in the health domain.


The Biomedical Artificial Intelligence Lab works on a wide range of problems in general and clinical text understanding, retrieval and data science. Our goal is to develop machine learning techniques to assist clinical decision making, avoid medical errors and ultimately improve patient health.

PI: Carsten Eickhoff Lab Site


  • Topology of Word Embedding Spaces
  • Generative Information Retrieval Models
  • Explainable and Transparent Information Retrieval
  • Biomedical Text Understanding and Summarization
  • Diagnostic Decision Support
  • Clinical Event Forecasting/Prognostics


  • Tassallah Amina Abdullahi

    PhD Program (CS)
  • Catherine Chen

    PhD Program (CS)
  • Max Dekle

    Undergraduate (CS)
  • Carsten Eickhoff, PhD

    Assistant Professor of Medical Science, Assistant Professor of Computer Science
  • Augusto Garcia-Agundez, PhD

    Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Michal Golovanevsky

    PhD Program (CS)
  • Cindy Li

    Undergraduate (CS)
  • Jack Merullo

    PhD Program (CS)
  • Wasiwasi Mgonzo

    PhD Program (CS)
  • William Rudman

    PhD Program (CS)
  • George Zerveas

    PhD Program (CS)
  • Ruochen Zhang

    PhD Program (CS)
  • John Zhou

    Undergraduate (CS)